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388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn , NY, United States

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January 25, 2014

This two-day class will introduce students to Organic/Natural Beekeeping with a Biodynamic

influence. You will come away with the knowledge, as well as the inspiration to nurture your
honeybees and respect these hardworking, gentle creatures who live in complex and beautiful
$200 per person. (individual days are $110)

Intro to Organic Beekeeping: Planning a New Hive for Spring

(Saturday 10am – 6pm)

Learn about the basic requirements and responsibilities for organic beekeeping. Understand
the community of a hive, the tools involved, elements of site selection, where you can obtain
honeybees and equipment, and an understanding of a naturalist approach to their needs. This
class introduces students to a nurturing way of beekeeping, and a philosophy of respect and
love for these amazing creatures.
There is a hands-on demonstration of assembling a wooden
hive, and extensive class handouts to help new beekeepers.

Understanding and Caring For Your Bees

(Sunday 10am – 6pm)

Topics will include: hive congruency and design to benefit the colony (including Top Bar
Hives); Honeybee health and disease management the natural way; seasonal concerns and
methods to help keep your honeybees strong.


Or Call 845-255-6113


Start: January 25, 2014 10:00 AM
End: January 26, 2014 6:00 PM
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