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How to Eat Slow Dinners on a Busy Schedule


You are a modern parent and spouse. You keep track of shoes, laundry, homework, nutrition, doctor and dentist appointments, club meetings, track meets, music lessons, and the emotional health of your family. Who wants to meal plan, grocery shop, and cook? There is already so much in a day and, when dinner time comes around, we are ready to order a pizza or pick up some chicken on the way home. Luckily for us, and our families, there are more and more options for healthy dinners all the time!

Try a Meal Delivery Kit!

We are free to leave the meal planning and shopping to someone else by using one of the many meal delivery services now available. You can come home to a box all ready for a fresh, hot meal for your family. Can you imagine the freedom and feeling of relief when you no longer have to think of something for dinner? The shopping and planning are cut out, and you are free to prepare a healthy meal without much thought quickly. Instructions and all ingredients are included, so there’s no last-minute run to the store, or microwaving something because you still haven’t been shopping.

Slow Food Subscriptions

This “Slow Food Movement” is a new type of business aimed at helping families come back together at the end of the day, and to make sure we are getting healthy food in the evenings. Often, we are good at making healthy dietary choices until the evening hits and we are hungry and tired. We only have so much self-control available to use each day. Slow food helps us because it takes the thought and difficulty out and we are so much more likely to make a good choice if there’s an easy and good choice. Meal subscriptions allow you to eat slow, home-cooked foods without the hassle of meal prep. Plus, options are much healthier than just running through a drive-thru!

Healthy Meal Options

With many of the meal plans, you can choose vegetarian options or avoid food allergies and aversions. Some services, like Freshly and Home Chef have gluten-free options, while Terra’s Kitchen and Sun Basket offer paleo compatible meals, and Daily Harvest and Purple Carrot are organic. Almost all meal kits provide users with basic nutritional information about each recipe, making it easier to stay on track with your diet. Most of the services also work to ensure meals are dietitian approved so you and your family can enjoy well-rounded meals.

Try New Recipes from Various Cultures

Slow food is an excellent way to learn about different kinds of culinary arts without much effort. Most services offer around 10 rotating recipes from which to choose each week. This variety means you’ll never be bored with your dinner options! Some companies, like Blue Apron, are known for using unique or uncommon ingredients to introduce subscribers to new flavors.

Order Slow Food on Your Schedule

As modern families, we are busy. There is no shame in not having the time to plan and prepare for weeknight meals. Take advantage of the options available. Make your family happier and healthier today!

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