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The Perfect Weekend for a New York City Foodie


When you think of New York, you think it’s the place where dreams come true, right? Those dreams become a reality for those who love eating amazing slow food. With all the fun and excitement for which New York is best known, there are only so many new restaurants to go to in a single weekend. Check out this list of places that would make New York the ideal weekend trip for people known as “foodies.”

Katz’s Deli

The popular website every foodie has heard of, Serious Eats points out the famous and perfected pastrami sandwich. This site walks through their process step by step instructions. Katz’s Deli is also extremely famous for the classic scene in “Harry Met Sally.”

Xi’an Famous Foods

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy an Asian dish. This small chain is only found in New York and is considered to be the most authentic restaurant for Asian dishes. Add this to your list of must-haves to visit on your weekend trip. You can find more on their menu here.


Spicy Village

If you’re looking for something smaller with a more family feel to it and still receive some of the best noodles in all of New York City, this is the place for you.

NY Eater describes it as, “postage stamp sized, lo-fi, BYOB cash only restaurant.” Although this place is low-key, it gives you a more refined feel than the average New York restaurant.

Murray’s Cheese Shop

Love cheeses? Who doesn’t? Goop’s City Guide states that Murray’s is where you want to visit. They possess thousands upon thousands of different cheeses and will help you find exactly the cheese you want. They offer cheese tours, too!

Di Fara

At USA Today’s number one spot, this pizza joint has been the most popular place for pies in Brooklyn since the early 60s.

Spot Dessert

If dessert and sweets are more your things when it comes to food, The Odyssey Online says this should be on your foodie bucket list. It’s a bar strictly for desserts only!

Sushi Nakazawa

One of the best sushi restaurants in New York, but it is only open at night. It is, as described by Tortilla Flats NYC, to be “sophisticated with dishes precisely made according to the season.”


Red Bamboo

A personal favorite of mine, Red Bamboo is a a place you do not want to pass up on your weekend in New York. BBQ buffalo wings, hamburger, and the crab Rangoon are some of the best offerings from this vegan joint.

Black Label Burger

Even though the food is a little pricey, it is worth every penny. raves about the “brisket, short rib, skirt steak, and dry-aged rib eye.” You will understand why it’s so popular after one bite!

From Asian dishes to classic hamburgers and fries to the biggest slices of pizza, New York has something to offer to every foodie.

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