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#1 Moving Tip to Make Your Movers Happy

When moving, keeping your movers happy is one of the most important things you can do. After all, you’re trusting these people to deliver all your belongings to your new home safely. The work is hard – especially when you’re moving out of an apartment on the 5th floor with no elevators. Hoofing it up and down the stairs with dozens of loads is taxing work, so it’s worth some appreciation.

Moving from New York City to Long Island

I grew up on Long Island and swore I’d never go back. The pace of NYC was more my speed, and once I moved to Manhattan after college, I assumed I would stay the rest of my life. Then I met a girl. Ricki and I dated then fell in love and got married in two years. By New York standards, it was a whirlwind romance. Less than a year after our wedding we were surprised to find out we were expecting. Twins. The thought of raising two infants in our tiny 1-bedroom apartment seemed impossible. We finally caved and decided to move back to Long Island where we could have a bigger house, a yard, and be closer to the family.

We left the chaos of Manhattan for a quieter life on Long Island.
We left the chaos of Manhattan for a quieter life on Long Island.

Feeding and Tipping the Moving Company

Given Ricki’s condition (now six months pregnant with twins), I knew there was no way we could do the move ourselves. We hired NYC movers down the street from us in Greenwich Village (Imperial Moving & Storage, 83 Washington Place, New York, NY 10011). The crew showed up on time, carefully packed everything, wrapped all the furniture in moving blankets, and hauled loads down five flights of stairs in record speed. Within four hours, they loaded the truck, and we were all on our way to Long Island. Ricki and I picked up pizzas (from La Margherita) on the way to the house to feed and refuel the movers. The guys were appreciative for the break and the food. They had the truck unloaded in an hour then doubled back to a storage unit where we had additional family hand-me-down furniture needed to fill up the house. They finished the whole job just under the estimated time and took great care of our things. I wasn’t sure of tipping etiquette when it comes to moving companies, so I looked it up beforehand. Most people encourage tips if your movers do a solid job. We gave each guy a hundred and called it a day. Worth the level of service we received.

Hosting a Post-Move BBQ for Everyone Who Helped

In addition to expressing gratitude to our professional movers, we decided to throw a BBQ for the family and friends who also helped with our transition. We had cousins painting walls, moms putting up drapes, friends rearranging the furniture, and the dads and siblings helping clean up the yard. It was truly a group effort getting us moved in. A few weeks after we settled in, we organized an authentic slow food BBQ party to thank everyone for helping. Here’s what you need to host the perfect summer BBQ:

  • Keep it simple: We had about 50 people come over to celebrate our move, so it required keeping the menu simple. Burgers and hot dogs are always crowd pleasers, so we did those along with a trough of beers and wine, cold salads, and chips. If guests asked to bring something we requested ice or desserts. There was plenty of food and drink for everyone!
  • Yard games: Our family is competitive, so everyone loves a good yard game. We set up washers, ladder ball, and horseshoes which, along with a great playlist, really livened things up.
  • Disposable plates and utensils: Nothing says casual like using disposable plates and utensils. We had just finished unpacking all our boxes and didn’t want a huge mess of dirty dishes, so we went the disposable route to keep the chaos out of the house.
Grilling up some delicious burgers was the least we could do for everyone who helped us move.
Grilling up some delicious burgers was the least we could do for everyone who helped us move.

Showing some appreciation to those who help with your relocation goes a long way. Next time you move, buy a pizza or host a party for the help! Your move is sure to go much more smoothly.

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